Thursday, November 4, 2010

Answers to Questions You Didn't Even Know You Had

Uch, so I hate introducing myself, but I figure I'm kinda supposed to. I'm Andrea, and I started this blog because I love to write (and also maybe because my friends say I have lots of feelings and I need to start sharing them with people besides them), and I wanted to connect with other people like me.

I am horribly socially awkward, and I have social anxiety, so I really hate talking to people. Things tend to turn out badly when I do go places, because my foot just lives in my mouth. My friends think I'm funny, but everyone else just treats me like I have a permanent head injury.

Then there's Shanna. She's my wife of four years who I love more than life. Well, not legally. Because we live in Texas. And Texas is an asshole. We're finally moving from a smallish town to Dallas in the summer, and we're going to resume our efforts of starting a family (more on that later, that's been a HUGE challenge) after we move.

We have two lazy-ass dogs and a cat who wants me dead.

Oh, and the monkeypants thing. We have a three-year-old nephew who we absolutely adore. I can't imagine what it's like to love a child the way a parent does, although I hope to someday, but I think what I feel must be the second best thing because that boy is my heart. Anyway, we were playing one day, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer was on. Which I love in a very geeky way. Which, yeah, I know he's kinda too little to watch that and everything, and I probably should have changed the channel and it was a babysitting fail. Anyway, it was the very cute scene between Oz and Willow in the second season where they are talking about animal crackers and how the monkeys are the only ones who have pants, and how the monkey mocks all the other animals with his monkey pants. So I turned to my nephew and I said, "I mock you with my monkey pants," and of course he repeated it over and over the way three-year-olds do, and I then I started calling him monkeypants, and it just stuck and so that's what I decided to call this blog.

I don't know who will want to read this, but I know it's time for me to do something for me.

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